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Why Site Work is Needed for All Construction Projects

Photo Credit: Dick Bonner with OVR-SITE, LLC.

What is Site Work?

It’s exciting to start a construction project and watch ideas come to fruition; neighborhoods, shopping centers and entire cities are being built everyday, but before you can begin construction you must start with site work. When residential, commercial or municipal developments are underway, investors of these projects hire companies such as W.M. Warr & Son Inc. to manage the site work project needed in order to begin construction. It’s of the utmost importance to hire professionals who can oversee any site work project as to ensure all aspects are successfully completed efficiently and with a keen eye for major and minor details. Site work is the part of all construction projects that does not involve the actual vertical construction of a physical structure. It’s the fundamental preparation that must take place in order to build any neighborhood, business park, or apartment complex... Site work is important because it provides a stable and fully developed foundation for construction and ensures future problems such as sagging and sinking will not take place once the project is complete.

What Is Included in a Turnkey Site Work Project?

Site work contractors offer a wide variety of very important services that are mandatory in completing before any construction project can take place. Preparing a construction site for actual construction includes the following site work services:

  • Project Planning & Value Engineering

  • Erosion Control

  • Grading

  • Concrete

  • Utilities

  • Stonebase & Paving

These services are an essential part of any and all construction projects, large and small. Site work is just as important if not more important than the vertical construction itself. Neglecting these aspects can allow for many construction hazards to take place and can put people's safety at risk. Laying a proper and fully adequate foundation by obtaining the site work services listed above, ensures your construction project meets safety requirements and can withhold use for years to come. The lack of a solid foundation will cause damage to the structure and possible safety issues once the structure is built. A faulty foundation can result in costly repairs, the building shifting and even legal liability if people are injured. This is why it’s vital that professional site work contractors are hired to provide the necessary groundwork needed for any construction project.

Hiring a Professional Site Work Company:

The safety and completion of a site work project entails enlisting the aid of a company who is fully aware of all stages of a construction project. If you are in need of a highly qualified company who specialize in turnkey site work development, contact W.M. Warr & Son Inc. Through our years of extensive experience we are proficient in overseeing the successful development of any site work project from start to finish. We offer the mandatory services that will allow your construction project to be completed with ease and satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to invest in the necessary foundation work needed to ensure your construction project is sound and secure, contact W.M. Warr & Son Inc. and allow us to aid you in the creation of a foundation that is built to last.

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