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Grading 101: A Site Work Service

What is Grading in Construction?

Grading is adjusting the uneven elevation of soil before buildings, homes or any development can be constructed, it evens out the surface of the land which in-turn provides a safe and solid foundation for upcoming building endeavors. Grading aids in adjusting slopes and soil elevation. It consists of adding or subtracting materials in order to create level ground. Ensuring a level base determines the success of a construction project, it improves overall accessibility and eliminates future drainage problems. Having a level surface area creates optimal areas for landscaping and enhances the overall aesthetic of any architecture.

What is Grading Used For?

  • Creating level foundations for residential, commercial and municipal construction projects

  • Grading develops a base foundation for roads, transportation developments and sidewalks

  • Surface drainage, storm water disposal systems and preparation for underground utilities

Grading is used for preparation and preventative measures. Extensive erosion can occur to a foundation if grading does not take place prior to construction. Proper drainage, the prevention of built up water and the elimination of wet crawl spaces and moist under passages can all be avoided when grading is successfully incorporated before construction of a residential, commercial or municipal development. Without proper water drainage water pollutants can build up and create structural damage in the future because it does not have a clear path to runoff.

Contact W.M. Warr & Son Inc. for All your Grading Needs:

Grading on a construction site is a tedious process that establishes a stable and level foundation. It takes knowledge and experience to successfully execute the task. W.M. Warr & Son Inc. has a comprehensive fleet of earthmoving equipment, and completes the site preparation process including mass earth work that entails cutting and filling through fine grading and pad/road certification. We employ GPS technology to ensure all projects small and large are built with precision and efficiency based on approved plans. If you’re in need of grading services for your construction project, contact W.M. Warr & Son Inc. We offer turnkey site work services including project planning & value engineering, grading, erosion control, concrete, utilities as well as stonebase and paving. We are happy to aid you in providing high quality site work services that will save you time and money by creating a solid foundation that is leveled to last.


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